Echoes…. The Impression would last for long!!

Recently, I and my friends decided to go to a casual dining restaurant to have lunch. We had heard about this Newly opened gem in Kolkata called Echoes and we decided to pay a visit to this place.

As soon as we stepped inside the restaurant the tastefully done decor grabbed our attention and gave a positive Royal vintage Victorian vibe. It is a beautiful place with Classy interiors. Some of the highlights of this elegant eatery are Large chandeliers, big Marble fountain in the middle of the restaurant, Indoor Plants, Beautiful Bar and a corner with their DJ console. The place seems to be big enough to accommodate 130 – 150 people in one go.

We were in process of absorbing the elegance of this place and a hanging switch on our table took our attention. It said ” Press the bell, and we’ll be right there to serve you” Next were the set of cards on each table stating – Menu, Fork, Bill etc. It took us some time to understand what these are and when we understood it we were delighted.

The Restaurant is managed by differently abled staff members. These cards and the switch were there to make the customer and the staff more comfortable. I loved this Concept. This is one of the ways of the Owners to do something for society. Their menu card is unique too. Every food & Drink Item has a unique code and you need to write your order as per the code on the writing pad provided by the staff members. These things are new and refreshing. It leads to a pleasant experience.

After all, this let’s come to what we had there. We ordered a lot of stuff and we loved everything. We started with the refreshing cutting shots – it came in many flavors. I had the Langda aam and it was good. We also had some starters which came in Banta bottles. My favorite among them was the Khus Manali. A mix of Sweet & Tangy taste.

We tried a good range of food there and loved everything. Our Table was looking as if it is set up for a big gala dinner. I loved their Momo Platter and had almost two plates of it alone.

Among the food items we tried – The Highlights were Baked Cheesy Nachos, Classic Fish & Chips, Chicken Popcorn, Momo Platter, Kabab Platter, Fish tikka Plate, Murg Makhni Pizza, Raju Chicken Tiffin Service and many more.

Lastly we ended the eating Spree with the delicious Ferrero Rocher Shake and Red Rave Shake along with mix fruit Sundea.

I can still feel the delicious taste and remember the beauty of the restaurant. I would visit Echoes again and would highly recommend the place to others too.